File Extension JAD

Files carrying the .jad extension are part of a group of files that together make it possible to run small Java based applications on a mobile phone, PDA, or other mobile device. JAD is an acronym for Java Application Descriptor; it's a data file used when creating midlets, or Java applications for mobile devices. Creating midlets requires both a .jar file and a .jad file. If either is missing or corrupt the midlet will not run correctly. The .jar file consists of the actual application, the Java .class files, and other external data that the application might need. The .jad file contains the technical information needed to run the midlet, such as the application name and size, version number, author/developer name, and most importantly the .jar association. When the complete .jad and .jar are packaged together the resulting file is known as the midlet suite.
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The .jad file is a simple text file which can be created from scratch by an experienced developer using only a text editor. It is extremely small and simple, with only seven or eight lines of text. The files can be edited and saved using a text editor as well. Already existing .jar files and Java applications can be ported for use on a mobile device by creating the accompanying .jad file. For those with no knowledge of Java coding, JADMaker is a program that can create the .jad file for you. The drag and drop interface reads the application and creates the .jad automatically. A service menu can also be created for .jad files using program's Windows Explorer Menu option. One important fact to note is that any Java application being ported to a mobile device will only run if the device supports the application's size and technology. Creating your own midlet with JADMaker is no guarantee of the application being supported by your device.
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More Info Regarding File Extension JAD

Testing of midlets is possible on a computer with use of an emulator. Testing allows the user to simulate the environment of a mobile device and run the midlet in that environment. Three of the more common emulators are SimplicityT for Mobile Devices, Mpowerplayer, and Nokia 7210 MIDP. Sun Microsystems has developed a virtual machine with the capability of running .jad and .jar files; it's called Java VM and is run in conjunction with J2ME. A third option for testing .jad and .jar files before loading them on the mobile device is an online service called J2ME MIDLETS Emulation. With this web site users can upload and test their files for free. Once testing is complete the compiled midlets can be downloaded to the mobile device through a cable connection, Bluetooth wireless connection, or from a server or an email. Users could consult the documentation of their specific device for detailed instructions.

Errors with .jad files are almost always due to the way various mobile devices use the coded information. With only eight lines of text, it is rare that an experienced developer would code a .jad improperly. However, during data transfer the mobile device retrieves the .jad data and in some cases modifies it for its own purposes. Some mobile devices, especially older ones that were made before standardization, will add a line of code at the beginning of the .jad file. This extra line confuses the device when trying to run the application, thus producing an error. One example of this would produce a message saying something like N80 Jad error: Compulsory attributes missing. Another common issue is a device appending a version number to two digits if the last is a zero. For the .jad to be properly applied, a three digit version number is required.

There are two uses of the name JAD which should not be confused with .jad files. The first is a Java decompiler used to reduce Java .class files down to source code. It works only with these specific files and cannot be used to open .jad files. The second is a systems development process called Joint Application Development. The process is a standard for developing information systems and has nothing to do with Java or its associated files.

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